Rocket booster aiming for ocean barge in redo of SpaceX test

KSN News (file)
KSN News

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The SpaceX company will take a second stab this weekend at landing a rocket booster on a platform floating off the Florida coast.

Last month’s experiment ended in a giant fireball. The problem was traced to an insufficient amount of hydraulic fluid. The California-based company added extra fluid for Sunday evening’s landing attempt. But the booster will fly back faster this time given this particular course.

Company vice president Hans Koenigsmann said Saturday it will be harder to nail the touchdown. He puts the odds at 50-50.

Before any of this can take place, the Falcon 9 rocket must hoist a space weather satellite named DSCOVR (discover) for NASA and NOAA (NO-uh). The observatory will travel to a point 1 million miles from Earth to monitor potentially disruptive solar outbursts.

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