Man booked on murder charges after missing woman’s body found

Darnell Hall
Darnell Hall (KSN File Photo)
Sabryna Newman
Sabryna Newman

WICHITA, Kansas — Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office has released the information that 22-year-old Darnell Hall was booked on intentional First Degree Murder after 23-year-old Sabryna Newman went missing early Friday morning and was found later that afternoon.

Lt. James Espinoza, Wichita Police Department, said Friday morning that dispatchers received a call around 8:00 a.m. of a disturbance in the 1000 block of North Hydraulic. There were reportedly shots heard in the area and a woman screaming.

According to Espinoza, a neighbor told responding officers that they saw a man carrying a woman to a car. There were also signs of a struggle on the scene, but did not say if it was inside or outside of the house.

Police said they had concerns for Newman’s welfare and had asked the public’s help to find her.

The police arrested Hall around 11 a.m. and questioned him, shortly before the car belonging to Sabryna Newman was found in northern Wichita.

Police were on the scene at 19th and Hydraulic in North Wichita where they said the body of a missing woman was found Friday around 2:45 p.m.

Captain Brian White gave a briefing Friday afternoon near the scene. He said that police had found the vehicle they had been looking for through the day. He said the woman’s body was inside the vehicle but did not elaborate. He said there are further steps that need to be taken to make a positive identification but all indications at this time are that it is Sabryna Newman.

Darnell Hall was booked and charged around 5:20 p.m. on Friday, just hours after the body was found in the car belonging to Newman.

Inmate arrest record from 1/30/2015 for Darnell Hall.
Inmate arrest record from 1/30/2015 for Darnell Hall.

Officials plan to continue the investigation throughout the weekend and plan to have an update Monday morning.

KSN’s Brittany Glas sat down with the mother of suspect Darnell Hall, who was deeply saddened about what happened.

“I’m very hurt that Sabryna’s gone. She was a good girl and I loved her,” said Levarn Ellsberry, the mother of Darnell Hall. “I’m sorry what my son did. I’m sorry. And I miss her, and her daughter. I’m really so hurt for her.”

Levarn said her son and his girlfriend, Sabryna, were her family. Sabryna’s daughter called her grandma.

“Please, if they got any heart, they forgive D.J.”

Still in shock, Levarn said she can’t begin to understand what happened at her home early Friday morning.

“She took very good care of him and I don’t understand this. I really can’t explain it. All I know is that she’s gone forever and won’t be back. And I’m hurtin’ behind it.”

Levarn said the couple had been together for three years.

“All I know is that I have a broken window at my house and that’s not enough to die from.”

We’re told they lived together, but it’s not known what the two were doing at Darnell’s mother’s house early Friday morning or what led to Sabryna’s death.

“You know, it’s a broken window. I can fix a broken window. You can’t be dead over a broken window.”

BODY FOUND | Near 19TH Street North and Hydraulic




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