Wedding Venue Says “I Don’t”

(WHO) An Iowa venue that once hosted dozens of weddings each year is closing its doors to couples hoping to say “I do”.

After a controversial lawsuit, the owners of Gortz Haus will no longer host weddings at their venue.

“We are definitely making a sacrifice for our convictions. It affects the value of our business,” says Richard Odegaard.

In Decemeber of last year, Betty and Richard Odgaard agreed on a settlement based on a lawsuit filed by a gay couple wanting to get married at the historic church turned bistro and art gallery. However, the Odgaards would not agree to welcome the unity of same-sex marriages at their venue. As a result, they chose to no longer entertain weddings for all couples.

“We could either maintain a position to be at risk for future or subsequent claims of discrimination or we could get clear out of serving the wedding industry. That’s what we chose to do,” Odegaard says.

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