Foster Families Fight Vaccines

(KING-TV) Washington foster families have one month left to vaccinate everyone in their house for the flu if they foster kids younger than two years old.

All five of the Beringer kids are now legally adopted, but their youngest child’ adoption was just finalized, two months before her mother worries it could have been compromised.

“As foster parents, we don’t feel like we have a voice. We don’t know who to talk to,” Kori Beringer said. “It was concerning for a lot of people.”

Only two of their seven family members are vaccinated for the flu, and a new DSHS policy requires it for everyone in a home with foster kids under two years old.

It started a heated debate in foster care circles around the question: Should the government force certain medical decisions?

Kori and her husband, Jeff, chose not to vaccinate everyone because the CDC announced this year’s flu vaccine was less effective.

“Taking away our ability to make our own health choices, they’re effectively telling us, ‘We really don’t trust you,'” Kori said. “So we kind of feel helpless.”

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