Police consider changes after media briefing protest

John Paul Quintero (KSN File Photo)
John Paul Quintero (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita police say they are considering changes after a protest at their media briefing on Wednesday.

The press briefing was canceled just after it began when protesters came in to demand answers in the officer-involved shooting from Jan. 3. It left 23-year-old John Paul Quintero dead.

Police say they are reviewing the policy of who is allowed into the daily police briefings. Nobody was arrested yesterday, police just asked the protestors to leave.

Officials say they point to city ordinance 5.75.010 that says protests are not allowed inside any city building and arrests could be made for any protest that could cause “Interference with the conduct of city business.”

Police are reviewing their policy today on how they conduct those daily, media briefings.

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