‘Parenthood’ says goodbye

NEW YORK (NBC) – Fans of “Parenthood” are bracing for tonight’s series finale.

The family drama, with its large ensemble cast, says goodbye tonight after six seasons with what many expect to be a very emotional final episode.

The family ties that bind on “Parenthood” were more than just the moments on camera.

“This has been the happiest, most copacetic set I’ve ever worked on,” says star Peter Krause.

For Krause and his co-star Monica Potter, that made the final days on the set last month that much tougher.

“It was sad. The last day was sad,” Potter says. “I think I’m in denial and I will be until the last episode airs.”

Potter says shooting the final kitchen scene was especially tough.

“It was weird. Those tiny moments really struck me more than the big, final scene,” she says.

And even though “Parenthood” never struck gold in the ratings, the highs and lows of the Braverman family struck a chord with fiercely loyal fans.

“Parenthood” airs tonight on KSN at 9 p.m.


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