Ticket to work program helps Social Security recipients get into workforce

GREAT BEND, Kansas- Rosewood Services has recently contracted with social security to provide a ticket to work program. Helping people on social secruity and disability get into the workforce.

Charles Bortz is one of three people participating in the ticket to work program in Barton County. He’s had on the job training at Central Kansas Custom Upholstery. Something he loves.

“Reupholstering dining room chairs, cause I get to work with my hands and all that,” said Bortz.

Three employees at Central Kansas Custom Upholstery can do about two of these big chairs in a week, tearing them down and reupholstering them, they can do smaller chairs like kitchen table chairs a lot quicker.

“I think I’ve got skills that if I stay here for two or three years and then quit and all that I could do something like this myself,” said Bortz.

The ticket to work program is funded by the Social Security Administration. The end goal is to help people on Social Security get into a job and gradually go off of Social Security benefits. They keep full benefits for at least nine months.

“They will see a decrease in some of their SSI or SSDI but there wages will compensate and we hope will overcompensate for those social security benefits that they were receiving,” said Melinda Hatfield and Employment Specialist at Rosewood Services.

Rosewood Services has different kinds of jobs available for the ticket to work program, which started in October. So far there are three participants but Malinda says there are many more wanting to join.

“I am just passionate about this program, when I find somebody a job and they are happy and successful it’s the best day of my life,” said Hatfield.

Anyone between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five who are on social security or social security disability can join the program. Rosewood Services provides the ticket to work program for five counties.

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