Learning with llamas

BEAVERTON, Oregan (KGW) An unusual visitor moved through the halls of Valley Catholic Middle School in Beaverton on Tuesday.

The staff hired a 250-pound llama to visit students.

“They’re about to take their first finals and we wanted to provide a stress reliever,” explained Principal Jennifer Gfroerer.

The llama named Rumpleteaser, or ‘Teaser’ for short, belongs to Sherri Tollman who raises the animals at Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch in Estacada.

“They are really good with kids and Teaser is trained,” she explained, “He’s very calm.”

The students were invited to pet his neck and back and many went for a hug.

“It’s overwhelming with all the studying for finals, so it’s nice to have something to take our minds off that,” remarked one student.

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