Earthquakes shake south-central Kansas Monday morning

ANTHONY, Kansas – A 3.9 magnitude earthquake shook Harper County just before 4:00 on Monday morning.  A 2.7 earthquake was also recorded, near Caldwell.

“It shook pretty good, both my wife and I, it woke us up,” said Mike Lanie, Director for the Harper County Economic Development Council.

“It seemed like it was forever, and then after the big shock you could kind of feel a tiny rumble for several seconds after that,” recalled Diane Schmidt, a Harper County local.

Despite being rattled awake by the earthquake in the early morning hours, it was business as usual on Monday.  Locals in Anthony said that earthquakes have become so commonplace that they’ve started losing count and, anymore, a tremor isn’t that surprising.

“Some of them scare us,” said Harper resident Heather Harding, “but there’s just so many of them it just seems like another day, another earthquake.”

There have been 11 earthquakes in the area in the last month.  Luckily there haven’t been any serious injuries or significant damage, but it’s enough to grab the attention of the state, who sent geologists to the area to study seismic activity.  Lanie said it’s certainly an issue people are talking about.

“I think that everybody agrees that it has something to do with fracking,” he said.

That’s something the state is continuing to investigate, but residents say since local business relies on the oil and natural gas industry it isn’t going away anytime soon.

“Fracking is the way we can get on top of this with getting more oil production and being oil independent,” Lanie said.

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