Aunt of double homicide victim speaks about niece

Lucero Rodriguez
Lucero Rodriguez - courtesy photo from Claudia Coria

WICHITA, Kansas – Family members of a Wichita couple murdered in their apartment Wednesday night are looking for answers after police arrested 24-year old Luis Alvarado-Meraz, the twin brother of the husband.

The victim’s aunt, Claudia Coria, was still visibly emotional and shaken by the loss of her niece.

Coria says she was at work on Thursday when she got the phone call from her brother.

“I answered the phone and he said there is a detective calling my sister, who is Blanca, her mom, saying that Lucero had been murdered,” said Coria.

The female victim in the double homicide was identified as 22-year-old Lucero Rodriguez.

Rodriguez and her 24-year-old husband, Manny Alvarado-Meraz were found dead in their apartment Wednesday night, after being shot multiple times.

Coria was overcome with emotion when talking about.

“I just broke down and asked why, why somebody would do this to her,” said Coria.

Coria says Rodriguez moved to Wichita from El Paso.

She says Rodriguez was a hard worker, holding down a position as Manager at Smoothie King.

Coria says her niece was an accomplished boxer, someone who was always happy and never afraid to help anybody in need.

“If she had two dollars and you needed a dollar, it didn’t matter if she was only going to be left with a dollar, that’s how she was,” said Coria.

Still with a lot of unanswered questions revolving around this incident, Coria says her family will continue to grieve over the loss of their loved one.

“I know how great of a person she was and if you knew her, you’ll miss her I know that for sure because I am,” said Coria

The family says it will cost about $7,000 to get Rodriguez body returned to El Paso to give her a proper funeral.

Coria says they have set up an account with Fidelity Bank in remembrance of Lucero Rodriguez, in hopes of raising money to cover some of the expenses.

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