Lucky dog plucked from ice

SUDBURY, Massachusetts (WHDH) – Sudbury, Massachusetts firefighters braved the cold Wednesday morning to rescue a dog who fell through the thin ice.

The dog and his owner were out on a harmless walk, but when the dog strayed too far away and he found himself trapped in the frigid water.

“He walks ahead of me, I call him, and he comes back. We went a little father, this time I called him back and I walked over a hill he was in the ice,” Bettina Westerberg said. “He really was just looking at me which was really sad.”

Two-year-old Satchel was freezing, but thankfully Sudbury firefighters were on their way.

“We brought the sled right out to him. Reached down, picked him up, and he was dying to get out of the water so he hopped right up,” Sudbury Firefighter Mike Kilgallen said.

Satchel was checked out by a veterinarian and is doing fine.

Firefighters remind everyone to stay off the ice. They say if your go falls on or gets stranded call 911 instead of trying to make the rescue yourself.

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