Kansas City family takes advantage of cold temperatures

KANSAS CITY (KSHB) – Peter Veenstra loves the cold weather we’re having.

“It isn’t cold,” he laughed. “Its nice.”

Veenstra, who grew up in Nova Scotia, can’t remember a winter his dad didn’t build an ice rink in their backyard. Now, he’s passing along a family tradition to his kids in their Kansas City backyard.

It does take some work. First he tilled flat the 18 x 32 foot space. Then he built the 2×8 frame and covered it with several layers of tarps to seal the deal. Once the temperatures got cold enough, he started filling it up with water.

This week, he and his 10-year-old son, Jory, took their first skate and played some hockey.

“Playing hockey is great, but watching your kids play hockey is the best ever,” he said.

Veenstra says he isn’t the only one with a homemade ice rink in KC. He’s hoping to put together a fun family tournament in his backyard.

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