Family survives terrifying ride stuck under semi

FLINT, Michigan (WPBN) – Four people inside of a minivan went for terrifying ride early Wednesday morning.

The Menz family was driving northbound on Michigan’s I-75 from the Flint airport early Wednesday morning and was almost to their home in Roscommon when they rear-ended a semi-truck.

The driver of the semi was not aware that the mini-van was stuck under the trailer and continued to drive for 16 miles, pulling the van along as he went.

“He apparently didn’t know that we were there and before we knew it, he ended up dragging us 16 miles,” Matt Menz said. “I was on the phone with 9-1-1 for the whole time. It’s a hopeless feeling, helpless feeling. Out of control, you’re just along for the ride. ”

Deputies were able to stop the semi safely.

The Menz family was taken to Grayling Mercy Hospital for evaluation and came out with minor injuries.

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