A Kansas university has second lowest in-state tuition in country

Fort Hays State University (KSN File Photo)

HAYS, Kansas -The cost of higher education seems to be getting more expensive every year, and one Kansas university boasts the second lowest in-state tuition in the country.

“Every little thing counts, every penny counts to remain our tuition affordable and accessible,” said Dr. Mirta Martin, President of Fort Hays State University.

Fort Hays State University has the second lowest in state tuition in the country. It’s something the university wants to focus on to give more people an affordable education.

“The tuition remains low again because it’s a commitment, it is a conscious commitment to ensure that we provide an access to individuals that otherwise wouldn’t have one,” said Martin.

One of the biggest ways that Fort Hays is able to save money for their students is through its international program with China, where the tuition money that Chinese students bring in that saves students here in Kansas money.

“We are able to leverage our partnerships with international universities that we have,” said Martin.

The university also saves money through wind turbines that power the university saving a million dollars a year, online students, and having a smaller faculty than other universities.

“One of the things that keeps me up at night because I have students, I have my own children that are the same age as the students that we serve here is the increasing trillion dollar debt that students face today.”

Sixteen credit hours of “in-state” tuition at Fort Hays State University would be $2,383 per semester.

The university with the lowest tuition in the country is Bismark University in North Dakota.

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