Flu prompts change to hospital visitor policy

Salina Regional Health Center

SALINA, Kansas – At Salina Regional Health Center the rules change when the flu gets bad.

A sign in the lobby notifies visitors of the changes.  visitors are limited to immediate family only and no  young children or infants are a couple of changes. The policy went into effect Monday January 5th.

“And if those family members are experiencing any influenza or influenza type symptoms not to visit. We are trying to protect our patients our visitors and our employees,” said Beth Vinson.

Vinson says the hospital has implemented the same policy for about five years. She says this flu season is peaking sooner than last year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Preventing warns this year’s flu is spreading quicker than before. Part of the problem is this year’s vaccine is not as effective against a new strain of the flu.

So while doctors say it’s not too late to get your shot, hospitals will do what they can to help stop the spread.

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