Planning ahead: How will you be getting home safely after New Year’s Eve?

New Years (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – As people throughout Wichita prepare to ring in the New Year, officials from agencies across the state have enthusiastically pitched the same message be sure to have a designated driver or take a cab home.

So what are your options on the road?

Last year, care cab was offered through AAA and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but this year the program that offered free rides is gone.

“We really didn’t get very many calls for care cab last year, very few, so we just decided not to do that,” said James Hanni with AAA. “Really most important thing for us is to focus on is what people need to do to plan ahead.”

Local cab companies say they’re expecting a big surge of calls coming in once the clock strikes midnight.

“The same thing always happens every year, people want to go to a party, we do first come first serve after 8 o’clock and it’ll usually die right before midnight, because everyone will do their toasts,” said tom cool with best cabs, “but as soon as midnight hits, our phones will blow up, it’ll be nonstop it’ll be hard to get through but if you just take your time, we’ll get you taken care of.”

And there’s always the newest taxi outfit in town, UBER, which promises shorter wait times.GooglePlayAppStoreLarge

“Whenever you request it, you can see the car coming towards you to pick you up,” said Kenny Tsai with UBER technologies, “and the typical wait time in Wichita is anywhere from 4 to 6 minutes.”iTunesAppStoreLarge

However, that advantage could come with a higher price tag with surge pricing in effect for New Year’s Eve.

“It’s not just us increasing prices just to increase them, it’s done on an algorithm that calculates supply versus the demand. Once the demand goes up very, very high, we increase prices for supply to go up as well.”

Still, the most important part of the night remains the same and is very simple; getting people home safely.

There is new app called SaferRide that can help simplify the process; even in the least sober of moments. To find out more, click here.

Finally, here are some tips before you head out.

AAA safe driving practices (click to enlarge)
AAA safe driving practices (click to enlarge)


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