Zombie nativity causes an uproar in Ohio

Zombie Nativity scene
Zombie Nativity scene

CINCINNATI, OHIO (WLWT) a Cincinnati area man thinks he’s being targeted because of his Christmas display.

It is probably the most unusual holiday display in the region, and passers-by just can’t help but slow and stare.

The zombie nativity display is all handmade expect for the zombie Joseph and the zombie baby Jesus.

No one seemed unnerved by the undead until two anonymous complaints were received.

When a Sycamore Township inspector came by, he found zoning violations: doors and windows in the driveway, and an accessory structure taking up more than 35% of the front yard.

Amanda Baker, fianc?e of the display’s creator, says that it is not designed to offend anyone’s holiday or religious sensibilities.

The display has been ordered down by Friday, the day after Christmas.

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