Victim identified in Christmas Eve fatal stabbing

Steven Manuel (Courtesy: KBI Public Offender Registry Database)

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita Police announced that 32-year-old Steven Manuel was the victim in the fatal stabbing that took place on the night of Christmas Eve.

Lt. Jeff Gilmore said that the Wichita Police Department received a call near 400 block of S. Knight that a neighbor on their porch, covered in blood and needed assistance.

Manuel was stabbed multiple times in the chest and back, and died from his wounds.

When officers arrived, they noticed a person walking away from the scene. The person, a 16-year-old, was secured and was later identified as the suspect in this case.

Jim Ormerod, the neighbor who contacted police, describe the scene: “It was blood everywhere, it was just a gory sight”.

He said after spending time together for the holidays, his family left his house. Later that night, he heard the doorbell ring. At first, he thought it was just family.

“I wasn’t in a big hurry to get to the door and then it rang again, so I come to the door and I saw Steven lying on the ground all bloody, and the young man that had done it,” said Ormerod. “Not knowing what went on, that was probably the scariest part, because we didn’t know who was killing who, I didn’t feel like I was in danger from the young boy, but with the world we live in, you just don’t know.”

Ormerod said he didn’t know Manuel all that well but knew that he needed to call police.

“I was thinking more, I needed to call 911 because there was so much blood and I could tell the man lying on the ground, Steven, I could tell he wasn’t going to make it.”

Throughout the investigation, authorities learned that Manuel and the suspect knew each other and were acquaintances. Some sort of altercation led to the stabbing, but the nature of the argument was not disclosed by police during the media briefing. Police were not willing to release any information about the circumstances that lead up to the stabbing death saying that they’re still looking into all of the facts of their investigation.

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