WPD gives back by spreading Christmas cheer

WICHITA, Kansas – While the Christmas holiday is full of family, food, and of course presents, some are left without a place to go, a warm meal, and gifts for their loved ones.

The Wichita Police Department spent the day trying to give to those in need.

They partnered with the Lord’s Diner to help give back this year.

Four locations, with an officer at each, were spread out across the city.

Each location provided a meal and gifts for each family that was in need.

Officer Steve Jerrell and his two daughters were handing out gifts at the Lord’s Diner downtown.

One family they helped this year was Cassandra Bouton and her three young children.

Bouton was shocked by the gesture.

“I was surprised, I was blessed, very blessed, because this year was a rough year for me and my kids,” said Bouton.

The gifts consisted of fun trinkets, like matchbox cars, crayons and coloring books.

Officer Jerrell says while the gifts were suppose to be entertaining, they were also meant to be helpful.

“We want to make sure they have some fun, we supply them some candy, but we also wanted to supply them some hygiene items that would help them through their days,” said Jerrell.

For Officer Jerrell, he says the best part is seeing the faces of both the parents and kids when they received the gifts.

“They’re totally shocked, they had no idea it was going to happen, we’re able to help their dreams come true some.” said Jerrell.

Some parents, like Bouton, were brought to tears by the gifts.

“It came at the right time, it’s just wonderful, really needed the help and I do appreciate it, It’s a very Merry Christmas this year,” said Bouton.

Officer Jerrell says the donated gifts that are leftover will be kept at the Lord’s Diner.

The plan is to distribute them to other children who come in over the next couple of days.

Officer Jerrell says this is the fourth year the Wichita Police Department has spent Christmas day giving meals and gifts to the community.

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