Winter weather moves through Wichita and Kansas

(KSN photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Winter weather did a number on the roads with several slide offs and more than a dozen crashes reported as of Wednesday night.  Some of those crashes involved  injuries.

Wichita road crews had 50 trucks operating throughout the night. Public Works Director Alan King says crews began pre-treating roads Monday. King says it takes 24 hours for the plows to clear 5,000 miles of priority roads.

KDOT covers all the state roads with 23 state plows in the area. State crews began dropping salt on the bridges and overpasses along K-96, a process that began Tuesday in anticipation of this storm.

“Of course we never know how it’s going to come in and this one came in pretty much just snow right away so that’s a good thing for us we like that we’d rather not deal with ice,” said KDOT spokesperson Tom Hein.

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