Audio: Sumner County releases chilling 911 call in boy’s death

Lindsey N. Blansett (Photo Courtesy: Sumner News Cow)

Wellington, Kansas — Sumner County authorities have released the 911 call that led police to find a 10-year-old boy that had been stabbed and beaten, allegedly by his mother.

The call was made around 11:45 p.m. Sunday, December 14, from a home in Wellington. The caller identifies herself as Nicole Blansett. The Sumner County prosecutor has charged Lindsey Nicole Blansett with first degree murder in the death of her son, Caleb Blansett.

The entire call lasts less than six minutes. The audio has been edited to remove personal information and several long pauses.

(Phone rings)

Dispatcher: Sumner County 911

Woman: Hi, this is Nicole Blansett. I just stabbed my son.

Dispatcher: I’m sorry?

Woman: I just stabbed my son I thought somebody was coming in to get us.

Dispatcher: Is he still conscious?

Woman: No.

Dispatcher: Where’d you stab him at?

Woman: In the chest, several times, I thought somebody was coming in.


Woman: God what did I (expletive) do?


Woman: I’m never going to get out of jail, never.


Woman: I’m going to have to live with that.

Woman: Oh God, why, why? (Cries)


Woman: Because I thought I was saving him from the pain that was coming.


Woman: I’m having a nervous breakdown. I went to stay the night somewhere else with the kids last night and they were…. and I just felt like people were coming in to get us and I was scared that….

Dispatcher: Okay is your front door open, the porch light on?

Woman: Oh my god, why?

Woman: (inaudible)

Dispatcher: (inaudible, dispatch commands)

Dispatcher:  Nicole there should be an officer there, to do see her yet?

Woman: Yeah.

(End of call)

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