Engineering jobs coming back to Wichita

WICHITA, Kansas – Thousands of aircraft jobs have left Wichita in the last decade and a half leading to brain drain for engineers.

Now, one company is bringing more positions into the city.

B/E aerospace is looking to hire engineers here in Wichita.

The company is looking to bring talent back to the city by focusing more on the growing commercial aerospace industry.

“As you see that commercial industry grow in Wichita, that’s definitely very good for Wichita,” said Jason Corcoran with B/E Aerospace. “At the end of the day having that, those companies that support that come into this town is gonna be a great growth opportunity for the aerospace industry.”

The company says they plan to add anywhere from 20 to 30 jobs but notes there is always room for more expansion as the industry changes, develops and, hopefully continues to expand.

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