Finding a snow plow in Wichita just got easy

Snow Plows (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas — Snow and rain and sleet and some ice are here. And with the storm, the city of Wichita is letting you look at snow plow locations. Live.

“Where they are and the status, and where they have been,” says Wichita Public Works director Alan King. “If you are going on the road, you can see where the plows have been.”

The website is now shows, in real-time, where plows are active, where plows are idle, and even how fast the plow is moving.

Snow Removal
Wichita Snow Removal

All 50 of the City’s snow plows are equipped with GPS to show real-time data.

“This is our latest effort to improve how we respond to snow events and also provide citizens with the information they need to travel safely during these events,” said King.

You can get a look at the website at

King said city crews began on Monday pre-treating emergency priority routes with brine. Brine helps keep the ice and snow loose, so those plows can do a better job.

King says putting the snow removal website up for public view was an easy decision. The city is already using the website to track the trucks.

“It gives us information we can use in dispatching trucks, checking on the status of trucks,” says King. “Really makes communication between our trucks and those who are planning the response more efficient. So it is used internally.”

But the public has access to that information now as well.

City crews have 50 snow plows that can work round-the-clock in an effort to clear the streets. There are around 100 City truck drivers and equipment operators that can work in shifts.

Those crews will first focus on 1,500 lane miles of emergency priority routes, and then will transition to secondary and school routes.

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