Changes made to Hutchinson bar dress code gain fame on social media

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – A bar in Hutchinson that gained fame on social media for its dress code has made some changes.

The dress code at Smedley’s Tavern was no longer on the front door Wednesday afternoon. Instead, it was replaced by a new document, containing a code of conduct and more general rules on attire.

“The new dress code being posted is to clear any ambiguity from our previously posted dress code,” owners Thomas and Carol Ruesch said in a statement. “We understand our last dress code was not as clear as we would have liked. The intent of the dress code remains the same: to provide a clean, safe and enjoyable environment to our customers.”

Even with the update, it still has people talking about whether it makes a bar safer.

“I get what they’re trying to do, I guess, if they’re trying to keep out a certain kind of element, maybe they’re trying to make things safer, but at the same time, I mean I understand it to a certain extent, but you can’t label a good element or bad element based on what the people are wearing,” patron Aaron Kennedy said.

“No, I don’t think we really need it here because if we see someone in here that we don’t agree with the way they’re dressed or how they’re acting, we just go politely and let them know,” Clara Mitchell, who owns Clic’s bar in Hutchinson, said.

In all, there have been few incidents dealing with the dress code, the owners said, while claiming that business has gone up since the dress code was put in place earlier this year.


The old dress code notice stated the following:

“Smedley’s Tavern Management supports our patrons and employees in an effort to provide an enjoyable, clean and safe environment. In doing so we will enforce a DRESS CODE. Offender who do not cooperate with this policy will be expelled from the property.

  • No tilted caps
  • No flat hats
  • No bandanas
  • No do-rags [sic]
  • No picks in hair [sic]
  • No sagging or excessive baggy clothing
  • No beanie caps
  • No baseball caps that are worn backwards, sideways, or upside down
  • No hoodies
  • No sleeveless jerseys
  • No overly ripped clothing
  • No backpacks or large baggage
  • No excessive jewelry

Any questionable attire is subject to the discretion on management.”


The new dress code, below, was provided by the owners to KSN News.

dress code

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