Neighbors and friends remember Caleb Blansett

WELLINGTON, Kansas – Small stuffed animals and little notes from friends are showing up on the front steps of the home of Caleb Blansett. Police took the boy’s mother, 33-year-old Lindsey Nicole Blansett, into custody without incident, after officers found Caleb stabbed and beaten to death.

“I’m just shocked that it happened,” said Billie, who lives three doors down. “He and his sister, they did everything together. He was never alone. She was always beside him.”

Billie says Caleb frequently played outside in the neighborhood with his sister, and other kids. Billie also says she struggles with the thought of the boy being gone.

“He just walked up to me and said, Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a good day,” says Billie. “And that was the last time I saw him.”

Other neighbors who also saw the boy the day before he died describe Caleb as a good child.

“He was always building forts in the back yard with his sister,” recalls neighbor Amber Conrad. “He used to come over her and bounce on our trampoline and play with my two kids. And he was always the leader of the pack. He was like the chief of the little tribe.”

While Amber and other neighbors recall the little boy who like to laugh and play, police continue their investigation. Lindsey Nicole Blansett will be in court Tuesday.


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