Psychologist talks about Wellington child death

Wellington Police on scene of possible homicide Monday, December 15th. (KSN photo / Ashley Arnold)

WELLINGTON, Kansas – With many people asking questions about the death of 10-year-old Caleb Blansett, KSN talked to a local psychologist to try to better understand the case.

“It’s uncommon enough that it is so shocking,” child psychologist Dr. Molly Allen said. “That person must have had a whole lot of things going on in their mind to overcome all those emotional barriers that we have.”

Allegations surrounding the boy’s mother, 33-year-old Lindsey Blansett, who was charged with the boy’s murder Monday afternoon, speak to her state of mind.

Lindsey Blansett
Lindsey Blansett

Sumner County Attorney Kerwin Spencer tells KSN Lindsey Blansett told a detective that Caleb’s life would be full of suffering if he lived any longer, a reaction Allen says the healthy mind would not have.

“It just doesn’t happen,” Allen said. “You still have these inhibitions against acting in such a bizarre way toward your own child.”

Even with the gradual weariness that parents endure, the mind has built-in barriers to prevent such actions.

“There’s a maternal and paternal instinct that kicks in to protect, even against yourself, and they’re going to back up and try to get some distance and try to avoid anything horrific like that,” Allen said.

Grief counselors were made available at Lincoln elementary school, where Caleb was a 4th grader, as parents are wondering how to help children through this difficult time.

“You would need to anticipate that there would be some acting out from some of those kids, particularly if they’re very close to the child that died,” child psychologist Molly Allen said. “They may come across as irritable, there may be sleep disturbance, [or] regression in some habits.”

Allen recommends that parents be honest with children about what they know and do not know about the incident. She also suggested that some acting out can be expected, but urged parents to set boundaries on their kids.

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