Man shot and killed in NW Wichita

Crime Scene
Crime Scene - (FILE / AP Photo/David Goldman)

WICHITA, Kansas – A 24-year-old man was shot and killed on the city’s west side Saturday night. Police identified him Monday as Superstreet Khatiya.

Two people have been arrested for the shooting. One was booked for murder. The other was booked for aiding and abetting. Police are still looking for a third suspect in the case.

According to Sedgwick County Dispatchers, police were called out about 11 p.m. Saturday night to the 3200 block of west 13th street North.

Emergency crews say the victim had several gunshot wounds when they showed up.

Some nearby residents, like Diana Dobbins, are feeling uneasy.

“You just have a sinking feeling in your stomach that something has gone wrong,” said Dobbins.

Dobbins and her husband Dave heard the shots go off and say the events at the nearby venue are bringing a lot of people and traffic to the neighborhood.

“That puts a lot of people in the area, including our neighborhood, but a lot of extra people and you wonder about their safety and our safety,” said Dobbins.

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