Postal carrier rescues pups

HANCOCK COUNTY, Indiana (WTHR) – Working as a mail carrier for six years, Melinda Thompson’s never met a dog she didn’t like.

“I’ve only been bitten by one and she was about a three pound Yorkie and she grabbed the tip of my shoe,” laughed Thompson.

With moments like that, Thompson has learned to expect the unexpected. Nothing could have prepared her, though, for a moment on her route recently in Greenfield, Indiana when she came across a shed that was on fire.

“The front of the shed was just flaming, so I called 911 and I pulled into the drive,” said Thompson.

Then Thompson heard a sound and knew she had to get inside, fast.

“I heard puppies crying,” she said.

“I found a shovel and had to pry the door frame down because I couldn’t get it open,” Thompson recalled.

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