EMS joins ‘Battle of the Badges’

Official police hat badge

WICHITA, Kansas – There is a another way to help this holiday season that could truly make you a lifesaver.

It is time for “Battle of the Badges”. It is when anyone donating blood to the Red Cross can vote for their favorite department. This year fire, police, and EMS are participating. EMS is new this year.

The rivalry between the departments is friendly. The department who gets the most donations wins a trophy and bragging rights.

“If you’d like to vote for the fire department, that would be great. We also understand if you need to vote for law enforcement because they need all the help they can get!” said Wichita Fire Marshal Brad Crisp.

Firefighters may be in the lead overall for the annual contest, but law enforcement won it last year.

The contest runs from now through January 4th.

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