Building expansion opening at Larned St. Hospital delayed

Larned State Hospital (KSN File Photo)

LARNED, Kansas – It’s a brand new building expansion at Larned State Hospital.

The Meyer Building expansion was built to create a medical facility for aging patients, specifically for those sexual predators who need extra medical care.

“A few years ago we had looked at using that building for the sexual predator treatment program, we decided to look at that as kind of a medically infirm type unit to address those needs from some of our older residents,” said Thomas Kinlen, Superintendent at Larned St. Hospital.

The building expansion will stay closed for likely a year or more to save $5.4 million, thanks to proposed budget cuts from Governor Brownback.

“As we were sort of looking at our census projections and everything it was looked at they we wouldn’t necessarily need to shift all our medically impacted residents over there at this time,” said Kinlen.

If the number of residents that require more serious care increases more than expected this year, Larned may have to open the building expansion after all and come up with some other way to cut those funds.

Leaders are hopeful they’ll be able to deal with the budget cuts without affecting jobs.

“We were able to look at some savings without having to impact other areas of the hospital, I mean to me that’s a very good thing,” Kinlen said.

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