Wichita post office preparing for holiday rush

Post Office (Courtesy of USPS)

WICHITA, Kansas – The United States Postal Service is right in the middle of its busiest time of the year.

Wichita crews are working overtime to assure millions of cards and packages will arrive in time for Christmas. Preparing for holiday deliveries begins in November. Crews are gearing up for the busiest mailing day of the year, December 15th.

Postal workers aren’t quite Santa Claus, but delivering billions of gifts in time for Christmas takes some magic of sorts. And here behind the scenes of Wichita’s main post office is where that magic happens.

“This is our season and this is something that our employees our managers everybody takes it very seriously they depend on us during the year, but especially during Christmas time,” said Tim Norman with the USPS.

Last year USPS delivered 434 million packages this year. USPS is expecting to boost that number up to 470 million this year.

“Just this year alone we’re anticipating that the packages will increase as much as 12-15 percent and we’ve already seen that just in the last week and it’s only going to get busier now in the next couple of weeks,” said Wichita plant manager Stan Blasi.

To guarantee Christmas delivery, here are the dates you’ll need to know:

December 15th is the deadline for standard mail.

December 17th is the final day global express

December 20th is the deadline for domestic first class priority mail.

December 23rd is  the last day for priority mail.

The Wichita plant hires about 50 temporary workers to help through the holiday rush. Wichita is one of 21 cities in Kansas delivering mail on Sundays through Christmas.

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