Kansas girl wins sushi award, school gets big prize

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GODDARD, Kansas – A young chef from Goddard can now add award winner to her cooking resume.

Ariel Pinkston won a national contest sponsored by Uncle Ben’s. Not only did she win a big award, her school did also.

When you think of sushi, Kansas probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind. But for Ariel Pinkston, she says the Japanese rice delicacy tastes great.

Ariel and her family made this video, showing them creating a sushi roll with a Kansas name and entered into a national contest sponsored by Uncle Ben’s rice.

“She submitted Sunflower Sushi and became a top 25 finalist”, said Uncle Ben’s spokesperson Matt Hurst. “And, today we are announcing her as one of our five grand prize winners. It’s an exciting day we are so proud of her.”

Just like a rock star celebrity chef, Ariel took the stage and was presented with it a check for $15,000. The 10-year-old’s school also received $30,000 from Uncle Ben’s to make improvements to the cafeteria.

“We’re really going to spruce it up. We’re going to add some things that are needed in there,” said Principle Mitzi Smith. “Updated seating for our guests that come. We’re going to put in an electronic screen to replace our older one, there’s going to be speakers.”

Ariel was also recognized by the Kansas State Senate and the City of Goddard for her outstanding achievement.

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Click for larger recipe

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