Ferguson protest causes traffic trouble in east Wichita

WICHITA, Kansas – A demonstration over the grand jury decision in Ferguson led to a protest Friday night in Wichita.

Extra police had to be called out for a protest near Towne East Square as the crowd grew bigger than expected.

“So this is not just a problem in Ferguson, Missouri. This occurs in Wichita, Kansas, and it’s time people stand up and say enough to police brutality,” said one protester.

What began as a small group with signs at Kellogg and Rock Road grew quickly.

Some coming from Arkansas City to protest the shooting death of Taylor Rock during a traffic stop in May.

“There’s no justice in his case, there’s no justice in the case of Michael Brown, and that’s what pushed me over my breaking point,” said Micaela Keys.

The crowd of protesters eventually spilled into the street blocking traffic for several minutes. Extra officers showed up to restore order.

No one was arrested and everything remained peaceful. It was just want organizers wanted.

“I am more than pleased. I hope this is a catalyst that keeps Wichita on the lookout,” said Gabrielle Griffie.

“We knew what we were doing when we blocked the street. We knew what we were doing when we crossed the street, and we still know what we’re doing.”

The protest was organized by the Peace and Social Justice Center.  It is one of the many Black Friday demonstrations across the nation.

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