Austin gunman dead after downtown shooting rampage

Police tape marks off the scene after authorities shot and killed a man who they say opened fire on the Mexican Consulate, police headquarters and other downtown buildings early Friday, Nov. 28, 2014, in Austin, Texas. In the distance, police cars surround the suspect's vehicle parked near the Interstate 35 overpass. (AP Photo/Jim Vertuno)

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) — A gunman opened fire at four different buildings, including APD headquarters, the Mexican Consulate and the Federal Courthouse early Friday morning. An officer about to get off duty saw the suspect near APD HQ and opened fire on the suspect who fell to the ground.

The suspect is dead. Police identified him as 49-year-old Larry Steve McQuilliams. It’s not clear yet if he took his own life or was killed by the officer’s bullet. An autopsy has been ordered to determine which bullet(s) killed the suspect.

The very latest:

  • Police have identified the suspect as 49-year-old Larry Steve McQuilliams
  • Police have declared the suspect’s home is safe.
  • Sources tell KXAN the officer who shot the suspect is Sgt. Adam Johnson.
  • The suspect is a 50-year-old white male who police say has an extensive criminal history. His name has not been released.

As officers tended to the injured suspect, they noticed what appeared to be an improvised explosive device in his car. The officers dragged the man away from the car and determined he was wearing a suspicious vest. Officers then retreated and called in the bomb squad. During a news conference Friday morning, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said the suspect’s car was searched and cleared by the bomb squad.

The first reports of shots fired came in at 2:21 a.m., for the next 10 minutes, Police say approximately 100 rounds were fired around downtown. At 3:31, the suspect was contained by an officer.

Chief Acevedo said the officer was a member of the mounted patrol unit who was putting two horses up when he heard the shots fired. He had the reins to two horses in one hand when he fired with the other. APD has identified that officer as Sgt. Adam Johnson. He has been place on administrative leave, with pay, per department policy for officers involved shootings.

“This Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving Friday, this weekend, I give thanks that no one but the suspect is injured or deceased,” Acevedo said.

The suspect’s apartment complex and neighboring homes were evacuated while officers secured the area. There were initial fears that there might be explosives in the apartment. Shortly before 2 p.m., police said the scene was safe but residents still were not allowed back into their homes.

Larry Steve McQuilliams


Police identified this man, Larry McQuilliams, who neighbors know as Steve, as the suspect in the shooting rampage. McQuilliams did not have a Texas drivers license; he has several addresses tying him to Wichita, Kansas.

Another neighbor tells KXAN News he knew McQuilliams only as the “bicycle man.” He said he immediately knew who the suspect was when officers arrived at the apartment complex Friday morning.


APD under attack

Austin police department shot

The Austin Police Department suffered extensive damage in the shooting. The doors of the main lobby were shattered as well as numerous windows in the building. More photos of the damage are available in ourphoto gallery.

Elevated windows were also shattered by rapid gunfire.

Shots outside Federal Courthouse

A U.S. Marshal tells KXAN officers found about 30 shell casings in the alley behind the Federal Courthouse. It appears the gunman was aiming at high windows as well as a guard shack. The bullets penetrated “bullet-proof” windows.

A resident of the 360 condo building next door tells KXAN she heard at least 12 shots and it “sounded like a machine gun.”

Shooting at the Mexican Consulate


The consulate, at 410 Baylor St., is blocked of by APD Units .The suspect tried to set the building on fire with the help of small propane containers.Those bottles still littler the ground outside the consulate, which has several shattered windows.

The Consulate General released a statement saying services would resume after they surveyed the damage and made repairs.

During the survey, damage was noted to the façade and access area of the consulate, apparently caused by gun shots.  The comprehensive assessment of the building is ongoing. Thus far, there are no indications that the shots/detonations were directed exclusively at our representatives.

APD says the suspect also fired shots at BB&T Bank near 5th and San Jacinto streets.


Chief Acevedo said it was too early to speculate about the motive behind the shootings, but said the attack may have been politically motivated since the suspect targeted the Mexican consul and the federal courthouse.

“Any time you see a guy engaging in this kind of behavior: this violent, anti-everything behavior, Government behavior if you will, you have to think about explosives and IEDs,” Acevedo explained.

“I think it’s important for the American people to understand. There’s always, sometimes law enforcement appears to be the bad guy in this country. Well, we are under seige at times. It’s important to realize the men and women in this profession are really the last line of defense when it comes to homegrown extremists or overseas extremists or any type of threat from a terorist type type person or your common day criminal,” he added.

VIDEO: Austin Shooting Rampage



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