Augusta students return to class after being evacuated on Wednesday

Robinson Elementary (KSN News)

AUGUSTA, Kansas – Officials in Augusta say Robinson Elementary students and staff were evacuated after 9 a.m. Wednesday morning. They were allowed to return to class about 11:30 a.m.

A nurse at the school reported that a couple of students weren’t feeling well. The nurse asked to have the school evacuated because of possible carbon monoxide.

Officials say the students were taken outside and then moved to the First Baptist Church down the street.

Kansas Gas Services and school maintenance investigated and found nothing suspicious.

Parents were all notified of this on their phones as it was happening. The superintendent of schools said they use the school messenger system. It is a system that’s becoming more and more common at schools across the state.

In an emergency evacuation, the superintendent just goes into the computer, types in email and phone and text, and types in his message.

“Schools have been using automated systems for some time whether it’s this system or some other. But I’d say in the last five years it’s become, we’ve become very dependent on it,” said Superintendent John Black.

The system is not only fast, it was also easy to use. The school superintendent said it has a set up so he can send messages from his phone.

The school has around 300 students. Most of the students were attending a play at the theater in downtown Augusta during the time.

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Kansas Gas Service check a line outside of Robinson Elementary in Augusta.
Kansas Gas Service check a line outside of Robinson Elementary in Augusta.

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