Great Plains Theatre Company building demolition starts

ABILENE, Kansas – When the Great Plains Theatre Company building burned down in July, it shocked the community.

“I grew up here, and this is my home church as the Presbyterian church, and when I came back to Abilene, it was the Great Plains Theatre, I enjoyed the plays in there and the musicals, and we hate to see it gone,” said Harris Laing who lives in Abilene.

The building is being torn down, but the cornerstone will be preserved and even the bricks will be used again, not for building but for fundraising.

“I think that there’s a lot of sentimental value in the bricks for a lot of people and we’ve heard from people who have been married there or did theatre or went to the church, it’s had so many uses since it’s been here,” said Maggie Hoffman the Executive Director of the Great Plains Theatre Company.

The theatre will have a temporary home next season, and they say the money they get from selling the bricks will go towards operating costs and when they have a more permanent location.

“I think the whole situation has been something that we’ve tried to not think about a lot as a staff, so having it come down I think makes it a little more permanent that this is no longer going to be our home,” said Hoffman.

The demolition may close a chapter for the theatre company.

“But I think it also marks the beginning of a new adventure for us,” said Hoffman.

The Great Plains Theatre Company will announce it’s new season on Saturday. It’ll include their new location for the next year and plans moving forward.

The theatre company will be selling the bricks from the building on the 21st and 22nd of November, next to the old building.

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