Central Kansas flour mill goes green

HUDSON, Kansas – A wind turbine now churns outside the Stafford County Flour Mill, bringing with it big savings.

“It’s more profitable we hope and we see that it should let us control the rising costs of energy because ours will not go up by whatever power goes up every year,” said Reuel Foote, President of the Stafford County Flour Mill.

The turbine will start running in December and will provide all the energy that the mill needs to run, and it will pay for itself in seven years.

Most famous for its Hudson Cream Flour, mill owners are focusing their marketing process on green energy, hoping to pull in more customers and distributors.

“Customers that want to know what we’re doing for sustainability, and this would be the most sustainable thing we could do,” said Foote.

Soon the Hudson Cream flour bags will show proof in the packaging.

“Once the turbine is up and producing, then our bags will show on the bags that it’s made with renewable energy,” said Foote.

Foote wouldn’t say how much the wind turbine cost, but did say that it would save the mill a lot of money on energy costs.