Three-year-old won’t let Santa eat alone

EVANSVILLE, Indiana (WFIE) – A toddler in Indiana saw Santa sitting alone at a restaurant and did something unexpected and adorable.

She decided to pull up a chair to keep him company.

Gracilynn Wilson is an energized little three-year-old. One of Gracie’s favorite holidays is Christmas. The inside of the Wilson’s home is all decked out already. When Gracie and her family went to breakfast this week, they saw someone she immediately recognized.

“A gentleman just walked in, looked identical to Santa, had the glasses,” said mother Lindsey Wilson. “The outfit, the hair, it was just perfect.”

“Well, Gracie, will love this. So, when we get seated, turns out our table is right next to his and he’s sitting by himself. ‘Mommy, that’s Santa! Daddy, that’s Santa.'”

Not wanting Santa to eat all alone.

“Can you tell them you saw Santa Claus?” asked Lindsey.

“I see Santa Claus,” said Gracie.

Gracie marched right over and joined Santa for breakfast.

“He was eating a long  whole time ago. And I was eating,” said Gracie.

“She pulled up a chair, and they started having a conversation like they knew each other for years.”

Gracie’s family captured the moment and sent us this photo.

“When he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, all she said was her baby brother, James, which is due in about three weeks.”

“What did you and Santa talk about?” asked the reporter to Gracie.

“Baby James!” responded Gracie.

“It was cool to see a three-year-old say they don’t want anything for Christmas and they just want their baby brother here.”

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