Cold weather supplies in demand as winter arrives

Winter Weather Winners
(AP Photo/Journal & Courier, John Terhune, File)

WICHITA, Kansas – It’s been a busy day for hardware stores as customers search for those annual must need items like shovels and ice melt.

At a local Ace Hardware store, many of the winter items are in short supply. It’s just one of the few items that people are coming into purchase as they prepare for what Mother Nature may send our way.

“We’ve had a lot of people coming in, especially on Tthursday and Friday,” said Steve Morrison, store manager of Leekers.

Local businesses like Leekers groceries are feeling the effects of a predicted winter storm hitting Wichita. Saturday’s clear skies and roads have since slowed down eager shoppers, but it hasn’t stopped them from stocking up on the essentials just in case.

“They buy bread milk, items for things like chili and soup.”

Hardware stores are also feeling a slight rush from those wanting to be prepared, mostly due to the recent drop in temperatures.

“We had a huge rush on heater that we would normally not have at this time,” said Wayne Butterfield, GM of Ace Hardware in Indian Hills.

As the chances of a weekend winter storm slowly drifts away, some say it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

“You don’t want to wait until the storm has hit to buy these products you want be prepared. if the snow doesn’t hit now it’s going to sooner or later, this is Wichita.”

Many businesses around said as long as there is a demand, they will have the supplies. As for the space heaters, at Ace in Indian Hills said they will have a brand new stock in by next week.

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