Parking problems frustrate Shocker fans on opening game night

WSU Parking at night
WSU Parking at night

WICHITA, Kansas – Whether it’s having to park on or off campus before the games, some fans said overall, parking is becoming more difficult and that some changes need to be made.

Bill Young has been a season ticket holder for about 12 years and he said he got to the game two hours before tip-off in hopes of being able to easily find a parking spot. However, that wasn’t the case.

“This year is going to be terrible, last year we had a place up there where they built that dorm,” said Young.

Young said he would normally park in the handicap spaces, but even those were already full.

“I pay over $2,000 for a parking spot and this is all we have right up here.”

The addition of Shocker Hall has eliminated about 250 parking places that were once used for parking during Shocker games.

Officials with WSU said even with those spots now gone and they haven’t tinkered with the way they handle parking.

“That whole plan was put in place two years ago when they started working on Shocker Hall, so that plan has not changed,” said Eric Sexton, director of athletics at WSU.

Sexton said other amenities have been added to help make things run more smoothly.

“It’s basically the same plan we used last year which worked very well and addition of having shuttle service for our games, particularly on school nights when parking can be acute,” said Sexton.

While the school says parking isn’t a real issue, some fans like young still think otherwise.

“Love to support the team, we’ve done it for years, but if the parking continues like it is, we may quit coming.”

WSU has added a new lot with about 350 spots near Eck Stadium. The shuttle buses will also leave designated lots about every 15 minutes to take fans to and from the game.

Sexton also said if any issues or problems do come up, the school will look into finding a solution.

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