Obamacare website opens this weekend

WASHINGTON (NBC) – Last year’s disastrous rollout of the Healthcare.gov website took months to correct. Eventually seven million people signed up. This time, the Obama Administration promises health coverage without all the drama.

Healthcare.gov opens for enrollment tomorrow with major changes. There will be more options, and fewer clicks to get a plan.

“For some people that will go from what was 76 screens down to 16 screens so it is a much more user friendly process,” said Anne Filipic, President, Enroll America

The site has undergone five weeks of testing compared to just 10 days last year.

The government is trying to get the word out through social media, community events, in churches, and in stores.

That low-income Americans who already have insurance need to re-enroll.

“If you want to get the proper subsidy amount that they are eligible for, for next year they need to go back into their health care exchange and update their information that is the only way to calculate what they should be getting for next year,” said Brendan Buck, America’s Health Insurance Plans.

Obamacare is one of the hottest issues on Capitol Hill, with the new Republican-controlled Congress promising to get rid of it.

“Virtually all of us would like to see it pulled out root and branch,” said Senator Mitch McConnell, (R) Kentucky.

“That’s not something he will let happen,” said Sylvia Burwell, Health and Humane Services Secretary.

A political drama is unfolding, as millions go online again to find a more affordable way to see a doctor.

The Supreme Court is getting involved again. They’ve agreed to take a case to decide whether the extra subsidy the government provides only applies to people who use state exchanges, not the five million enrolled on the federal website.

Here are 5 ways you can get ready right now:

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