DA: Probe of 2012 fatal officer-involved shooting remains open

WICHITA, Kansas – Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett announced new details Friday in an officer-involved shooting investigation and case.

It stems from the April 2012 shooting by a former Wichita Police officer. The officer shot 24-year-old Troy Lanning six times in the 3500 block of South Everett. Lanning died.

Bennett said the officer, Randy Williamson, will not be cleared of responsibility in Lanning’s death and the investigation into whether Williamson was justified in using deadly force against Lanning will remain open.

Cpt. Douglas Nolte with the Wichita Police Department said Williamson is no longer employed by the City of Wichita. The WPD wants to cooperate with the District Attorney in the matter of this case.

In Bennett’s report, five months after the death of Lanning, Williamson filed a police report in which he made false statements. Williamson later pleaded guilty to filing a false report and criminal damage to property. Bennett did not say if the false report was related to the case involving Lanning.

“The conviction for filing a false report has impacted both the investigation into the shooting death of Troy Lanning and its length,” said Bennett.

Bennett also says there needs to be an effort to add transparency to how officer-involved shootings are handed in Sedgwick Co.

Whether the officer acted reasonably in using deadly force against Lanning has yet to be confirmed.

Lanning’s family has filed a federal lawsuit over Troy Lanning’s death. An attorney for the officer contends the officer feared for his life because Lanning ignored police commands and was holding a bag he believed contained a handgun.

ADDITIONAL FILES: DA official release document of April 1, 2012 officer-involved shooting

Map of where the shooting happened in 2012.

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