Honor Flight lands in Wichita

Honor Flights (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – 30 Kansas veterans spent a few days in Washington DC as part of the Honor Flight program and returned home to Wichita Friday morning.

It would be an honor to shake your hand and thank you for your service.

“I was in the army 11 months before Pearl Harbor, had to serve 4 more years, 4 years and 11 months, that’s a long time and I’m 100 years old and 4 months”

“Brings back sad memories but good memories”

“I bet you voted for me for senate, too”

“I got my picture with him, I thought it was great to greet us as we got off,” said veteran Gene Wilson.

“I enjoyed sitting with Bob Dole and talking with him. I met him yes,” said veteran Al Miller.

“Welcome home” this is fabulous, unheard of, we never expected this kind of welcome, and it shows Wichita has a heart.

“I didn’t think it was important until I made it and realized then it was great,” said veteran George Evans.

One of the veterans who wanted to go on this flight was Korean War veteram C.C. Celley Schumacher.

He was excited to go on the Honor Flight but couldn’t because of illness, so his seat was given to Ted Zering, a 100-year-old World War II veteran.

“He already got all his things here, his t-shirt and his name badge and his hat, and so he can still wear those proudly if he can if he wants too,” said Donna Fleharty, daughter of the Honor Flight recipient.

Celley and his family are happy that the fight could go to one of the remaining World War II vets.

Honor Flights sent him telling him who his seat was going to and wishing him a speedy recovery.

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