Homes to be fixed up or torn down in Great Bend

GREAT BEND, Kansas – On some streets in Great Bend, it’s easy to see what’s the problem.

“We have a number of homeowners in the neighborhood that try really hard, and the houses are very nice and then there’s one that’s totally dilapidated that needs to come down and it’s very frustrating for the neighbors,” said Great Bend City Administrator Howard Partington.

Great Bend officials say they’re serious about cracking down on run down houses.

“We mean business we want to get the community cleaned up as best we can,” said Partington.

That’ll be done by hiring a code enforcement inspector and re-examining their current building codes.

“I think that’s a real good idea. A lot of these homes should have been torn down years and years ago,” said Kevin Weese, a resident who lives next to an abandoned house.

Neighbors say they think this house has been abandoned for almost five years and it’s the only unoccupied house on the block. It’s homes that are in bad shape that the cities trying to clean up.

“It’d be a shame to just tear it down, but if they get someone to come in here, whoever owns it now, if they could just come in and make all the repairs needed for it , it would make a really nice home for somebody,” said Weese.

Some people like Evann Stueder are looking at run down houses to buy at a bargin and fix up.

“With hard work and some time and energy and really make something shine.”

But when looking at abandoned houses, Stueder is wary of what she’ll find inside.

The city will give owners a 90-day notice start fixing up their houses and tear down ones that can’t be saved.

Great Bend will have a meeting to update their housing codes on Thursday, November 13th.

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