Breast cancer icon ‘Lady in Pink’ passed on Thursday morning

"Lady in Pink" Nicki Janne
"Lady in Pink" Nicki Janne

WICHITA, Kansas – To many, she was known by many as the Lady in Pink. Nicki Janne lost her fight with cancer this morning after battling it on-and-off for more than 4-years.

Her smile has been described as infectious.

“She was a wonderful lady, she always had a smile on her face, and if you met Nicki for an hour or known her for years she was like your best friend,” said Missy Miller, a friend of Nicki for several years.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, Nicki Janne vowed to beat the disease and did.

This time last year though, she found out the cancer was back and had metastasized in her bones. Family members say in recent months it had moved to her lungs. The whole time while fighting her fight, she made sure to share her story and message with others.

It was in this pink truck that Nicki spent hours upon hours traveling across the country to get her message across, about the importance of fighting cancer.

“Once we got the pink truck on the road that was like new life for her, that was her mission,”

While she relayed her message to thousands across the country, it also hit home for those who were closest to her.

“That’s her trait; she never thought of cancer as a disease, she thought of it as a challenge and she believed right up until this morning that she could beat it,” said Tom Richardson with the Pink Heals.

Richardson said it was that attitude that helped him beat his own fight with stage-4 prostate cancer.

“We kind of really became cancer buddies at that point and spent a lot of time talking to each other,” said Richardson. “She helped me immensely, she was a very positive influence in my battle.”

Others say they’ll never forget the hugs and love Nicki showed, time and time again.

“Nicki would love say she loves you to the moon and back, that was her quote.”

The legacy of Nicki Janne will live on through Guardians of Ribbon Incorporated. The Wichita Chapter of the Pink Heals mission is to spread love and hope and to create immediate care in support of women with all forms of cancer.

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