Students get free rides to vote

Vote Here Sign (KSN File Photo)

HAYS, Kansas – On Election Day Fort Hays Student Government Association gave rides to students who didn’t have other options to cast their vote, culminating a semester’s effort to “get out the vote.”

“It began with getting people to register to vote especially the freshman and we spoke to a lot of different classes, to different organizations, so we did a lot of work and we even held a candidate forum here at Fort Hays,” said Gustavo Reyes a Campus Relations Director with the Student Government Association.

The bus can carry up to 12 students, and it goes to all the polling places in Hays. It’s been leaving on the hour, every hour.

Anna Hand took advantage of the free ride.

“I figured if they were offering me an opportunity to be able to go to the polls for free today, I should probably take them up on that opportunity,” said Hand.

They group also handed out maps to those that did have their own transportation to make sure they got to the right place.

“Especially, our freshman students, who live on the dorms or people who don’t know Hays very well, not even just students who don’t have cars,” said Hand.

Giving students the opportunity to make a difference

“Because every person has a voice, and we can choose to speak up or stay silent then nothing really gets done,” Hand said.

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