Some advanced ballots not sent out

Advanced ballots
Advanced ballots

WICHITA, Kansas – The lines at the polling places are still quite long, with many of people waiting to vote.

There have been problems today, including one with advance ballots.

KSN heard from one voter named Kevin Rider who said that he and his parents requested advanced ballots.

Kevin didn’t get his, but his mom and dad did.

“My dad ended up taking the ballots in for him and my mom and when he got there he just happened to ask he’s like hey my son requested for a ballot never got his, what’s the issue and they said they just had so many applications and they weren’t able to get them all out,” said Kevin Rider.

KSN asked the election commissioner Tabatha Lehman about this problem to see just how widespread it was. She tells us she was not aware of a large early ballot request that lead to any significant delays or in some cases never receiving the ballots she says is an issue her office is looking into.

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