Nearly 230K Kansas voters cast ballots in advance

TOPEKA, Kansas (AP) – Nearly 230,000 Kansas voters had cast their ballots before the polls opened on Election Day.

The Kansas secretary of state’s office says that 114,690 mail-in ballots had been turned in by Tuesday morning, less than in 2010. Another 115,079 advance voters had gone to the polls, an increase from 2010.

Combined, 67,498 of the voters were Democrats, 834 were Libertarians, 125,561 were Republican and 35,876 were unaffiliated.

The secretary of state’s office couldn’t yet provide data about Tuesday’s turnout. But The Kansas City Star said voters who showed up Tuesday waited as long as 30 minutes to cast their ballots at some Johnson County polling locations.

Jessica White of the Johnson County Election Office said polling places were reporting a steady stream of voters on Tuesday.

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