McDonald’s service with a song

SULPHUR, Louisiana (KPLC) – Customers of one McDonald’s in Sulphur, Louisiana say the drive-thru experience there is unlike any other.

“I come through pretty often and I do enjoy visiting, because his voice just makes me smile,” said one resident.

The man behind the drive-thru voice is Joseph Hartstine. He often sings and uses accents when he takes customers’ orders.

“It’s kind of my talent that keeps putting me back here,” said Hartstine.

Joseph’s many drive-thru personas all started as a way to make time go by faster as work. His said his motives changed when he saw the customers’ reactions.

He’s a nice, kind, cheerful person and he makes my day,” said one drive-thru goer.

“This young fella has such a voice that at first you think it’s a recording it’s so unique,” said another drive-thru goer.

Hartstine said many customers encourage him to try a career path in radio. Overall, he said he’s happy at the fast food joint for now.

“It gives me that kick for an extra smile,” said Hartstine.

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