Democrat Davis concedes Kansas governor’s race

LAWRENCE, Kansas — Democratic challenger Paul Davis has conceded the Kansas governor’s race to Republican incumbent Sam Brownback.

Brownback built a small lead in Tuesday’s election with most of the vote counted.

“Incredibly disappointed. Tough beat, a lot of hard work from a lot of good people went into tonight and just really, really disappointed,” said Mark Coleman, Davis supporter.

Both Docking and Davis thanked the tireless supporters that proved time and time again that no matter the party affiliation, people can work together for a bigger cause.

Davis said very clearly and with purpose, the campaign was over calling Brownback a man of conviction who loved the state of Kansas.

He says the fight to make things better for the state will not end, and the work will continue under Gov. Sam Brownback.

“We have very real challenges to face as a state and the only way that we can overcome these challenges is to face them together,” said Davis. “While we fell just short of the outcome that we wanted, I would do it all over again in a second.”

Governor Brownback successfully pushed the GOP-dominated Legislature during his first term to slash personal income taxes to boost the state’s economy. The state cut its top rate by 26 percent and exempted the owners of 191,000 businesses from income taxes altogether.

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